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MAGPULSE : Bi-Monthly news on super strong Magnets and Digitalisation - March 2019

Bi-Monthly News bulletin on super strong Magnets and Digitalization     Edition 1.0, March 2019

Now the last word on Magnets

Firstly, we take this opportunity to thank:

Philip Tan, Hock Kar Yee, Jacob Uy, Dexter Tong, Darina Direnzi, Raine Low, Naomi Sim, Scott Walker, Rainer, Jonathan Liu, Nanchu Narayanan, Loy, Law Huang Khang, Can Kiral, JP Lyons, Fabian Low, David Clements 

for buying magnets from us whether via our online store or walk-in. You are the reason we exist. So, thank you!

Whether you are looking for inspiration for your craft project or to solve some engineering project issue, you may need magnets to perform some trick or play a critical role. You may need to simply weigh the magnet properties or just get a feel of it. You may need some pro-bono advise or free consulting from experienced graduate engineers to guide you along. Or you just need to drop by & run some curious mad-scientist experiment. You are the owner of a fabrication facility and want to check out some magnetic products for your workshop. Whatever be your reason.

You want to do it in a facility which is state-of-the art, with people who are helpful and an environment that is fun, convival and lively, at a price which is reasonable and service which is really warm. Check us out at Supreme Magnets. Helpful advise which will guide you to choose from Samarium Cobalt, AlNiCo, Neodymium or Supreme Round-Base and Ferrite or Flexible tapes, depending on your requirement.

And if you are a purchase manager and you have an existing supplier of magnets, you will never get faulted for securing a better value for your organisation, whether in price or service. Check us out. Feel the difference and earn credit for yourself at your company.

So, now there is only one name to remember.

Not just super, nor even superior, but Supreme Magnets! Watch out for our registered logos.


In case you are simply looking to choose off a long list of magnets online in a secured platform, Diana, our young virtual concierge is here to guide you!

Happy Shopping!


US Market opens up

Supreme Magnets ships a large consignment of Autonomous, rechargeable battery-operated Lifters for the US Market. Specially custom built for the US territory with product documentation, certification and classification compliant to ASME B30.20 standards.

The BAT-MAG SCP range of compact footprint battery-operated electro-permanent magnetic lifters just require a crane to operate ON & OFF autonomously.

Optionally equipped with push-button switches, these are available in capacities of 500 Kg (1100 Lbs), 900Kg (2000 Lbs), 3000 Kgs (6600 Lbs), 5000 Kg (11,000 Lbs) & 10,000 Kg (22,000 Lbs).

A full charge of the in-built Li ion maintenance-free batteries will provide around 300 to 1000 cycles of operation (depending on the model) which translates to a week to 20 days of uninterrupted usage before requiring recharge. These are equipped with a safety sensor to prevent them from dropping a load when suspended in mid-air. For Product details click here 

Oil well impurity separation solution

A ditch magnet is an effective device for trapping tramp metal from the sludge and drilling mud that a typical drill-bit borer encounters but cannot deal with. Also invaluable for milling operations and removal of swarf and mill cuttings from 

damaging pumps or other downstream equipment.

The usual ditch magnets are rather difficult to clean though after they have accumulated sufficient debris. 
The Supreme Magnets' ditch magnets are unique because they offer an option of an exclusive easy-clean mode -a Supreme Magnets' intellectual  property! 

 A large consignment of easy-clean ditch magnets heads up to the North Sea to labor in tough terrain and clean tramp from the process relentlessly. For Product details click here 


Over Conveyor Light & Powerful Permanent Magnet Separator


When we got this brief from a Singapore construction major, we were initially unsure. A light-weight, powerful over-conveyor permanent magnet suspended separator with some easy-clean feature and yet pick up ferrous tramp from construction raw material from a height of 120mm? And still weigh less than 30 Kgs (65 Lbs)?

 Sounds impossible! 

A general rule to remember for magnetic assemblies. If powerful, it ain't light; if light-weight, it ain't powerful. 

 Still, our design team got together to work this out and we came up with a unique assembly which over-delivered. We were able to pick up iron particles from a height of 150 mm and the unit still weighed around 25 Kgs (55 Lbs)! Its nice to under-promise, but over-deliver. 

 For product details click here 



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